Emerald seas, kilometers of golden sand, mysterious islands, wonderful food and ancient cities: There are a lot of good reasons to travel around the Mediterranean. And definitely, the best way to do it is by bike!

EuroVelo8: Mediterranean route is a 7,560 km cycle route that connects the entire Mediterranean from Cádiz to Athens and Cyprus. It includes many destinations that are popular tourist attractions.

EuroVelo 8 Andalusia

The coast between Cadiz and the Province of Murcia is a tour of contrasts. It is dotted with pristine beaches, steep cliffs, marshes full of life and natural spaces with diverse ecosystems. At any time of the year, at a pleasant temperature and sunny weather, the tour of this coast allows to know cities and towns with a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage. From Cádiz, the ancient Phoenician Gadir, to Elche, the Iberian city of Ilici, you can visit the ancient Roman city of Bologna, the forests of tertiary origin in Los Alcornocales, the busy and tourist Costa del Sol and its capital, Malaga, the tropical crops in the area of Almuñecar, and the semi-virgin beaches on the Almerian coast.

The tracks that are provided for each stage correspond to the registration of a real bicycle itinerary made during the evaluation phase of the state of the route in the MEDCYCLETOUR project, in the second half of 2017. Therefore, they are routes that can currently be followed , but do not necessarily correspond to the layout that is finally being executed in different projects for EuroVelo 8.

Section 01 | Cádiz - Conil Section 02 | Conil – Facinas Section 03 | Facinas – San Roque Section 04 | San Roque – Estepona Section 05 | Estepona – Marbella Section 06 | Marbella – Fuengirola Section 07 | Fuengirola – Málaga Section 08 | Málaga – Torre del Mar Section 09 | Torre del Mar – Almuñecar Section 10 | Almuñecar – Castell de Ferro Section 11 | Castell de Ferro – Adra Section 12 | Adra – Almería