Section 12 | Adra – Almería

Crossing the west of Almería

The twelfth EuroVelo 8 stage is the longest of the Andalusian route. It is 60 km long and connects the village of Adra and the city of Almería, going across some of the most touristic locations due to their beautiful beaches: Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulce, together with other singular places such as El Ejido. Most of the route develops across the so-called “Plastic Sea”, 140,000 hectares of greenhouses which makes this the largest area of vegetable and fruit production in Europe. The hugeness of this farming structures have turn this into the biggest human-made work that can be seen from the space, creating a unique and astonishing landscape to everyone’s eyes. This stage leaves Adra by the N-340a on its way to El Ejido, where you will take the cycling route to Roquetas de Mar. At this point, you will take the Alicún road to return to the N-340a that drives you from Aguadulce to Almería, where you can spot its outstanding Muslim fortress, the Alcazaba, and the castle and walls of the Cerro de San Cristóbal, both monumental sites of the city.

Points of interest:

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