Section 16 | Villaricos – Águilas

The limits of Andalusia

The last EuroVelo8 stage of the Andalusian route covers 28 km connecting the villages of Villaricos and San Juan de los Terreros on its way to Águilas, in the Region of Murcia. All this stage goes by the spectacular landscapes surrounding the AL-7107, a low-traffic road (except during summer season) parallel to a very rugged coastline, with continuous ups and downs finding old fortifications, watchtowers and wonderful coves on the way to San Juan de los Terreros, a coastal village belonging to the municipality of Pulpí and well-known for its islets and magnificent beaches such as the Cocederos-Cala Cerrada beach, the last one in the Andalusian littoral. The EuroVelo8 continues its path through the RM-333 road which connects San Juan de los Terreros with the Murcian town of Águilas.

Points of interest:

Public Transport


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