Section 03 | Facinas – San Roque

Crossing the heart of Los Alcornocales

This third stage of 42 km starts from the town of Facinas until reaching the hamlet of Estación de San Roque-La Línea, passing through the municipality of Los Barrios. The stretch that connects Los Barrios with San Roque, known as the Camino de los Prisioneros, it was built during the years 1940-1943, integrated into the Defensive Plan of the Campo de Gibraltar. There is signaling of the cycle route, which has the entrance next to the Almodóvar Reservoir, with information panels at the beginning and at the end where the environment is informed, as well as the characteristics of the road. In its vicinity is the Cave of Bacinete, a prehistoric monument that houses cave paintings. The route crosses the Dos Bahías Green Corridor and the Tiradero Valley, through one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, one of the main cork production areas in Spain, with the particularity that it "takes it out" ( or uncorking) is done entirely by hand, using axes and the help of mules for loading and transport.

Points of interest:


Public Transport


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